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New Challenges For Higher Aspect Ratio: Filling Through Holes And Blind Micro Vias With Copper By Reverse Pulse Plating

Authors: Bernd Roelfs, Ph.D., Nina Dambrowsky Ph.D., Christof Erben, and Stephen Kenny
Company: Atotech Deutschland GmbH
Date Published: 10/16/2011   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: This paper presents systematic investigations on complete Through Hole filling for cores by a Cu electroplating process as an alternative to the common paste plugging process [1]. This Through Hole filling technology is targeting both at HDI production and also at the packaging level [2]. This electro plating process consists of two steps, a first process to merge both centers of the through hole walls (X-plating) followed by filling up the resulting Blind Micro Vias. Processes and manufacturing technology are described as well as current limitations and requirements. Complete filling of through holes is achieved by Reversed Pulse Plating, RPP. In detail influence of electrolyte agitation, current density, reverse pulse parameters, redox mediators (Fe2+/3+) and temperature on the filling performance are described and discussed for each step of the process. The separate discussion for the two steps mechanism allows a deeper insight and thus a significant process improvement

Key Words: 

Through Hole Filling, Pulse Reverse Plating, Cu Plating

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