Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Phil Isaacs, Sven Peng, HM Chan, Wai Mun Lee, and Alex Chen
Date Published: 5/19/2011   Conference: Symposium

Abstract: Press-fit connectors are widely used in system interconnections. In multi-board systems, most functional subassemblies are connected through press-fit connectors. Recent concerns with copper dissolution associated with rework of solder tail connectors may also encourage more use of press-fit connectors especially for complex products which are assembled with Pb-free solder materials . With the increased density of the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), the lead pitch has decreased for pressfit connectors and at the same time, the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layer count has increased. Technical challenges have emerged due to these factors resulting in defects in the PCBAs. Some defects which encountered were pad-lifting, crazing and laminate damage. This report presents results from studies which were carried out to investigate the factors which could impact the long term reliability of assemblies using press-fit interconnections. Design of Experiment (DOE) techniques were used on PCBs, connectors and key assembly process parameters to determine key variables which caused the resulting defects. As the result of these studies, the PCBs and press-fit connector specifications along with assembly parameters were established which resulted in the elimination of the long term reliability concerns. This is a joint effort between OEM and EMS engineering teams. Key words: Compliant Pin, Pad-Lifting, Crazing, Delamination

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