ICSR (Soldering and Reliability) Conference Proceedings

Conductive Crystals, White Residues and Decreased Reliability - The Rush To Clean No-Clean

Author: Michael Konrad
Company: Aqueous Technologies Corporation
Date Published: 5/4/2011   Conference: ICSR (Soldering and Reliability)

Abstract: Just as the little girl in the 1982 film, Poltergeist, eerily exclaimed; "They're Back...", the electronic assembly industry has witnessed the return of a familiar yet unappreciated process step, cleaning.

Once commonplace, then relegated to military and other high reliability applications, today, defluxing has once again moved toward the mainstream. The miniaturization of electronic assemblies and their components, implementation of lead-free alloys, combined with improved quality standards and higher reliability expectations have culminated to form a growing demand for ionicly clean electronic circuits.

This paper will review the major causes of residue-related failures including dendritic growth, electrical leakage, and under-coating adhesion failures. Why we clean and what we are removing, and how clean is clean will be presented. Key words: Cleaning, Cleanliness, Defluxing, Electro- Migration, Electrical Leakage, Cleanliness Testing

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