Surface Mount International Conference Proceedings


Author: Donald J. Hayes
Company: MicroFab Technologies
Date Published: 4/28/1997   Conference: Surface Mount International

Abstract: Flip-chip bonding and chip-scale packages (CSPs) are rapidly becoming critical elements in today’s changing microelectronic world The playing field where these two packaging types are emerging is much more complex today and the roles of semiconductor front-end, back-end and microelectronic assembly have become blurred. Multi-chip packages and modules are replacing what used to be assembly work. Bumped die are going directly to assembly bypassing the packaging area. Wafer scale packaging is being talked about. Assembly companies are starting to move into the packaging area following the growth opportunities. Companies that used to make packaging equipment are bumping wafers. The infrastructure is confused. The time is right for the emergence of new technology. The main drivers of this change are: (1) performance, which can be measured by the number of J./Os and high speed operation, and (2) package size, which is application specific. Figure 1 illustrates how the need for higher performance coupled with the IC manufacturers capability to deliver higher performance is driving area array interconnect technology. The type of area array technology selected is influenced by the packaging size requirements and cost. It is our belief that Solder Jet Technology is one of the new emerging technologies that has a good chance of addressing the packaging needs listed on the right side of Figure 1. In this paper we will (1) briefly review Solder Jet technology and its status and then (2) address two applications: wafer bumping and chip-scale packaging.

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