Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings

Development Of Accurate Wafer Thinning, Low Stress Die Separation And Handling Technology

Authors: Chuichi Miyazaki, Haruo Shimamoto, Toshihide Uematsu, Yoshiyuki Abe, Kosuke Kitaichi, and Shoji Yasunaga
Company: Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technology (ASET), Renesas Technology Corporation, and ROHM Co., Ltd.
Date Published: 1/18/2011   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: We have evaluated accurate wafer thinning and picking up die technology around 10µm thickness. We obtained the prospect that thickness accuracy 10±1µm which is the target of the ultra thin grinding, by applying new technology like non-contact gauge or Auto TTV. The thickness distribution of the wafer with the glass achieved the sample of TTV:2.9µm, and the thickness accuracy of a real wafer became TTV:0.4µm as a result of doing BG by using non-contact gauge the Auto TTV function. Targeted value TTV:1.4µm was able to be achieved. For picking up the ultra thin dies, we found the best tool design rule and some machine condition. In picking up the ultra thin dies, the amount of the overhang of the die to the width of the slider confirmed 0.3mm was the best. The peel property of the chip edge was improved by the tension to horizontal direction in enlarging the amount of the tape expansion and picking up was improved. In addition, the peel property of the chip edge improved by slowing down the slider speed when beginning. Highest die strength is achieved for the blade dicing and DBG (Dicing Before Grinding) due to the decreased backside chipping in thin wafer. As for DBG, it is necessary to improve the resin adhesive strength of H-WSS (Hard Wafer Support System). Key words: Wafer thinning, Dicing, Die pick-up, Die strength, TTV

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