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Authors: Jasbir Bath, Mike Moreau, Martin Gershenson, Cathy He, Yinbai Li, Miaosheng Zheng
Company: Christopher Associates Inc.; Beijing Tonsan Adhesive Co. Ltd.
Date Published: 10/24/2010   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Over recent years, there has been an increase in the use and manufacture of solar modules. One area which has seen development has been the silicone sealants used in PV Module Assembly with a typical application being attachment of the PV Junction Box to the back-sheet material as well as the sealant to the frame. The paper will describe the performance of the silicone adhesives used in module assembly as well as the requirements for the adhesion to and the sealing of the assembly.

Tests will also compare the sealing performance for a range of sealants by exposing the sealants to high temperature and humidity over a period of time measuring mechanical properties such as the change in tensile strength, elongation and hardness. An assessment will also be described of the different reaction rates of certain sealants with different EVA films. Tests will cover the need to bond the sealant over materials such as TPT, PET, with example peel strength assessments conducted on these substrates after damp-heat testing.

The sealant evaluations will also cover processability of the sealants to assess whether the sealant glue line applied has a large number of air bubbles which could affect the sealing and reliability of the system and whether the glue line could break more frequently with the need to add more sealant.

Key words: Sealant, Tensile Strength, Solar, Photovoltaic, Elongation, Hardness, Peel Strength.

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