Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Zeger Bok and Daniel D. Evans, Jr.
Company: Palomar Technologies, Inc.
Date Published: 1/26/2010   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Applications requiring ultra high placement accuracies of 1um to 5um are required in several applications: Arrayed Laser Print Heads, Arrayed Ink Jet Print Heads, P-Side-Down Laser Applications, and multi-channel optical communication products.

Arrayed print head technology, laser or ink jet, utilizes arrays of lasers or ink jets on individual die. The lithography processes used to create the arrays on each die are more than adequate to produce high quality images. Conceptually, a single long die would allow a single-pass printing on the print medium. However, there is a practical limit to the length and width of die without affecting yield and handling damage. Additionally, the mixing of monotone and color printing requires that multiple rows or columns of print pixels be precisely aligned with respect to each other. Although some correction can be accomplished in electronics by modifying the print timing of each pixel, pixels must be aligned within a few microns for high quality printed images.

Print heads typically use high aspect ratio die to maximize the number of pixels per die and to minimize the amount of silicon. Micron level placement accuracy of 1um to 5um is presented in this paper for large die with lengths greater than 30mm and high aspect ratios of nearly 10:1. Both “side by side” and “end to end” die arrays are presented along with their corresponding results.

Production equipment and process features are explored for practical automation of micron level placement accuracy. Control of adhesive is a critical process step required for ultra high placement accuracy of die. Results of fine line dispensing are presented as in input prior to die bonding. Material feeding, identification tracking, and vibration isolation relating to ultra fine placement accuracy are also discussed in this paper.

Key words: Laser Print Head, Ink Jet Print Head, Die Attach, Micron Placement, Ultra High Placement Accuracy, Die Bonding, Pick and Place Machines, Epoxy Dispense, Epoxy Die Attach, MEMS Packaging

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