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Authors: George Babka, David Sbiroli, Chris Anglin and Richard Brooks
Company: Assembléon America, Inc., Indium Corporation and Christopher Associates
Date Published: 10/4/2009   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: With the introduction of 01005 chip components and 0.3 mm pitch CSP devices, electronic component packaging is pushing surface mount technology to the limits of its potential. Miniaturization is driving the electronics industry to implement the smallest and tightest pitch components in order to meet their customer demands. But how much miniaturization is possible before there is a paradigm shift in the technology? At what point is solder paste no longer viable? How small of a feature can be printed with solder paste, and can this process be implemented into a production environment?

Most of the factors and critical parameters in ultra-fine pitch printing have been well understood and documented for over twenty years. Some of these parameters are squeegee speed, squeegee pressure, stencil design (technology, thickness & area ratio), and solder paste. But as the pitch and aperture sizes get smaller and smaller, we begin to see that additional factors start to have an increased effect on the solder paste deposition (transfer efficiency). What are these factors and can we control them in order to obtain acceptable results for transfer efficiency and minimized variability? This paper will evaluate these additional factors and how they affect the transfer efficiency of the paste.

Key words: ultra-fine pitch printing, separation speed, stencil technology, stencil design, pad design, solder powder, tooling, solder paste, area ratio.

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