SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Author: Mumtaz Y. Bora
Company: Peregrine Semiconductor
Date Published: 10/4/2009   Conference: SMTA International

Seika Machinery, Inc.

Abstract: The growth of portable wireless products and related consumer electronics is fueling a major outsourcing effort towards Asia. Most OEM (original equipment manufacturers) are partnering with CMs (contract manufacturers) in Asia to outsource key operations such as board design, fabrication, assembly and procurement to maintain profitability and competitive edge.

Outsourcing can offer OEMs significant advantages in maintaining a healthy bottom line, reduced capital risks, increased access to current technologies and reduced time to market. Outsourcing also allows CMs and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) to subcontract the work that does not fit their core competencies, so they do not have to turn work away.

Outsourcing with strategic partners is more important for OEMs for the lead free migration as this is bringing many challenges for the PCB and SMT industry with new high TG laminates, new lead free alloys, rework, moisture sensitivity etc. This requires careful evaluation of new laminate materials, balancing component layout and optimization of reflow profiles to minimize damage to PWBs. This is critical for thin PWBs (less than 0.1 mm) boards used in cell phones and other portable products that use build up microvia technologies.

The handheld wireless product market place demands products that are small, thin, low-cost and lightweight and improved user interfaces. In addition, the convergence of handheld wireless phones with palmtop computers and Internet appliances is accelerating the need for functional circuits designed with smallest, low-cost technology.

Outsourced PWBs from Asia are becoming more and more of a reality for OEMs involved in high volume manufacturing. Proper evaluation and qualification of these facilities is critical for assembly reliability.

The paper reviews qualification efforts from HDI (High Density Interconnect) [1] and ALIVH( Any layer Inner Via Hole) PWBs[2} procured from Asian fabs in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Quality systems audit, PWB evaluation, acceptance criteria, IQC agreements and reliability testing will be presented. Additionally, ways and strategies for overcoming cultural differences, communication, conflict resolution, and building supplier/ customer relationship will be reviewed.

Key words: PWB, Qualification, Outsourcing

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