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Authors: Matthew Kelly and Tom Truman, et al.
Company: IBM Corporation and Venture Corporation, Ltd.
Date Published: 10/4/2009   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Efforts continue to learn more about the quality and reliability performance of Server and Storage class electronic hardware assemblies using new lead-free assembly processes and materials. In this collaborative qualification trial, a low/medium complexity storage class product vehicle was assembled and tested using next generation lead-free assembly materials. The intent of this work was to continue building a reliability performance database for Storage class hardware and to communicate resultant findings to the industry via case study.

This paper will discuss the comprehensive qualification trial results of an IBM low/medium complexity tape storage device using a no-clean lead-free assembly process including primary attach SMT reflow, and hot gas BGA rework processes. Of particular interest in this study was the performance of in-circuit test (ICT) using next generation lead-free solders. Voiding performance, effects of multiple heat cycles, and overall ICT yield improvements were assessed.

Various tests were conducted to evaluate resultant time zero quality levels of the product vehicle including 5DX-ray, ICT, bulk solder joint formation via cross sectioning, and metallurgical analysis using SEM. Reliability performance of the product vehicle was tested using accelerated thermal cycling (ATC), high temperature storage (HTS), vibration and shock protocols. The materials / processes were assessed using Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) electromigration testing on a specially designed test card.

Keywords: Lead-free storage class printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), product vehicle qualification trial, high reliability, low/medium complexity, next generation lead-free assembly materials, ICT yield improvements, cleaning no-clean flux chemistry.

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