Surface Mount International Conference Proceedings


Author: R. D. Schueller
Company: 3M Electronic Products Div.
Date Published: 9/10/1996   Conference: Surface Mount International

Abstract: This paper reviews a new wire bondable tape ball grid array package which exhibits a cost/performance advantage in the industry. This novel package architecture utilizes the fine line capability of flexible circuitry to provide the high performance and reliability required by the increasingly advanced IC’S of today and tomorrow. This TBGA is designed to provide excellent heat dissipation through use of a heat spreader to which the die is directly adhered. Heat is therefore efficiently dissipated into surrounding air and into the mother board. With the capability for less than 50pm lines and spaces, the wire bond fingers can be moved in very close to the die thus minimizing the wire bond length and allowing the possibility for die shrink. The resulting decrease in inductance enables packaging of high speed devices. This product can be provided at a competitive price partially due to 3M’s efficient process for simultaneous chemical etching of holes in the polyimide substrate to define solder ball pads. This paper includes an overview of this package as well as detailed results of package coplanarity and board level reliability testing. Extrapolations are performed to estimate life in actual use conditions. These results show ample reliability for most applications. KEYWORDS tapeball grid array, reliability, electrical and thermal characteristics, wire bonding

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