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Author: Raymond A. Fillion
Company: General Electric
Date Published: 9/12/1999   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The General Electric Research and Development Center (GE CRD), of Schenectady N.Y, has developed a novel technology that allows mismatched CTE interfaces to be reliably interconnected by means of a Floating Pad Technology (FPT) TM structure. This floating pad technology, virtually eliminates the BGA, mini-BGA, SMT component to PCB thermo-cycle failure mechanisms, commonly known in these technologies.

The Floating Pad Technology TM described in this paper, has an intrinsic stress accommodating compliant, micro beam, structure that is easily applied to a broad array of electronic interface problem areas, without underfilling thus simplifying the assembly and repair processes. This technology has demonstrated unusually high cycles to failure, as compared to any known process or technology in the art today. The range of testing used, is full military mil Std. 883 (-65oC to +150oC).

This technology may be applied directly to flex based multichip and single chip modules such as the GE/Lockheed Martin High Density Interconnect (HDI)1 and Chip-on-Flex (COF)2 technologies, or may be applied to a much broader application base such as: MCMs, MEMS sensors, mini-BGA single chip devices, ceramic PGA, flip chip devices, active or passive SMT components, or flex circuits that are attached to PCBs, glass, ceramic or any other substrate material. This technology may be applied to the component, or may be applied to the PCB, with comparable results. The floating pad structure once applied to the base technology, utilizes conventional solder mask and solder ball interfaces, like conventional BGA, or C4 like flip chip micro-BGA or optionally, to a conductive adhesive attach process.

Key Words: compliant pads, BGA, solder fatigue.

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