Surface Mount International Conference Proceedings


Author: Takao Komukai
Company: Hysol Limited
Date Published: 9/10/1996   Conference: Surface Mount International

Abstract: It has become more and more evident that the semiconductor industry will continue to demand miniaturization-finer circuits, finer wirebonding, and finer flip chip bumping alignments. To address these requirements, “Intermetallic bonding technologies” are the focus of this study along with improvements of the total productivity level and the replacement of solder. At the same time, it is true that the soldering process for the surface mount devices has been encountering quality problems such as, 1) the intermetallic connections among the finer pitched circuits 2) the environmental pollution during the mounting process For these reasons, the solder-less connecting technologies for the miniaturization requirements have become so important that we would like to discuss anisotropic adhesives. These materials offer very unique technical advantages over conventional connecting methods. The outstanding results achieved from anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACA) is a major success in the intermetallic connection with 33 lines at 1 mm space (pitch 30 ~m, 20 ~m line space and 10 mm line width), which is achieved by a specially modified, unique matrix resin system.

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