Medical Electronics Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Donald Styblo
Company: Valtronic Technologies (USA) Inc.
Date Published: 1/31/2008   Conference: Medical Electronics Symposium

Abstract: This paper and presentation will address some of the advanced electronic packaging technology as required to Manufacture Miniaturized Medical Devices and Sensors. The paper and presentation will discuss Chip-on-Board and Gold-on-Gold Flip-Chip technology as a process to reduce the overall size of a given medical device, all of which are required to incorporate a number of miniature Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) utilizing 0.010” (0.25mm) x 0.005” (0.12mm) sized components. The paper will also address the use of packaging materials and substrates that are required to meet RoHS temperatures. In addition to the above examples, medical products with wireless RF and Swarm Mobile Ad Hoc Networking technology will be referenced.

Listed below are some of the assembly technologies that will be addressed in the paper and presentation as utilized in Manufacturing Miniaturized Medical Devices and Sensors.

  • Chip-On-Board (COB); a direct IC bonding and packaging method that connects the bare integrated circuit to the PC or flex board. This method reduces the size and volume of a given design by 50% or less as compared to most SMD designs.

  • Gold-On-Gold Flip-Chip (GOG FC); this assembly method reduces the size of a given design to approximately 10% greater than the integrated circuit itself. The die (IC) is gold stud bumped and then flipped over and attached directly to the gold pads on the PC or flex board.

    The presentation will conclude with examples of nanotechnology and optical devices, high-powered advanced-light-emitting-diode (LED) Projects. It will also briefly explore manufacturing optoelectronics, semiconductors, and MEMS devices, with a focus on Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) materials to include combinations of InAs, GaAs, GaAlAs, GaAllnP, InP, InGaAs InGaAlP and InGaAlAs. Utilizing this MOCVD process the team has developed the Advanced-Thermal Photo Voltaic (A-TPV)1 Quantum Wells and Quantum Dots power converter devices. This MOCVD process was also utilized to develop a High Powered advanced LEDs at an infrared frequency of >1600nm.

    Keywords: Chip on board, electronic miniaturization, flip chip, medical devices, sensors.

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