Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Joseph Fjelstad
Company: Verdant Electronics
Date Published: 1/24/2008   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: For more than half a century, the electronics assembly industry has been both defined and limited by the use of electronic solder technology to attach components to PCBs. However with the European Union’s mandate for lead-free solder, there has been significant disruption in electronics manufacture, causing wholesale changes in the materials, processing and finishes of PCBs along with the need for upgrade equipment to meet the EU's strict legislated demands. The effect have been far reaching, so as to even require the creation and addition of new terms, such as Td (temperature of decomposition of PCB laminate resin) to the PCB lexicon to account for phenomenon not seen before the new higher temperatures now required for the implementation of lead-free solders. Thus this new era of lead-free solder marks the transition of electronic solder from faithful partner of the electronics assembly to technological adversary.

In this hostile new assembly environment, a new solderless approach to manufacturing circuits directly onto the assembled components has been devised and is in the process of development by a growing number of forward looking companies from around the globe. This article will describe in detail the process, which has come to be commonly known as the Occam Process named to honor the 14th century English philosopher and logician, William of Occam, whose rigorous thinking and arguments favored and encouraged the finding the simplest possible solution to every problem.

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