SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Author: Edward J. Collins
Company: Jabil
Date Published: 10/11/2007   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The growing popularity of LCD televisions and LCD computer displays is challenging the LCD repair industry to originate process improvements. A simple scratch on the polarizer film of the LCD glass panel will often prompt the consumer to return the unit for repair. To initiate repairs, the panels may require disassembly from the frames and brackets that provide some protection from stress induced damage. While in this fragile condition the glass panels are exposed to mechanical stresses induced by the repair process.

Stress cannot be measured directly; however the “strain” or deformation of the glass panel that is induced by stress can be measured using strain gage analysis. Strain gages are copper-nickel foil grids that can be bonded to a surface and are designed to convert mechanical motion into an electronic signal. Strain gage testing allows for an objective analysis of the strain present on the glass during different repair processes. The strain can be measured using various sampling rates to capture differing strain events.

Through measurement, LCD panel strain limits can be established. Glass breaking points can be understood and quantified. Handling procedures can be fine tuned and automated machinery such as laminators and delaminators can be validated and accurately set for proper operation on every glass panel variety that vary in size, thickness, and rigidity.

The intention of this paper is to share the data collected and experiences encountered during our development of strain gage analysis as a process validation and improvement tool for LCD panel repair.

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