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Authors: Mike Bixenman, Tom Gervascio, and Ronald Lasky, Ph.D., PE
Company: Kyzen Corporation, Sypris Electronics, and Indium Corporation
Date Published: 10/11/2007   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Miniaturization and higher functionality in electronics packaging require the use of advanced packages and small components. This trend has translated into the use of new package types such as Quad Flat Pack (QFP) no lead (also referred to as Leadless Plastic Packages), increased use of chip scale packages as well as increased component density and tighter PCB layouts. Advanced package innovations further complicate post assembly cleaning. It is often a challenge to clean flux residue from under these highly dense and advanced packages after reflow soldering. Uncleaned flux residue is a reliability issue. One example detailed in this paper is removal of flux residue from under low standoff (1.0- 1.5 mil) SMD Chip capacitors. Flush mounted chip cap components result in these “caps” creating a flux dam under the component during reflow.

Inline cleaning processes have been developed to address the cleaning needs of these high reliability Class III electronics assemblies. Coupled with the need to reduce cycle times, the cleaning process must provide for reliability through efficient cleaning and yet allow for optimum production throughput. As a result, the cleaning process is typically given only a short process window to penetrate, dissolve, and remove the flux residue from these complex electronic assemblies. To address this problem, upstream cleaning process conditions must be optimized. A designed experiment was performed to accomplish this task. The data generated from the designed experiment provided the basis for modifying the manufacturing process to meet the cleaning objectives. This paper will discuss in detail the work that supported and achieved these required cleaning objectives.

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