Medical Electronics Symposium Conference Proceedings

Parylene as a Surface Modifier(Coating) for Medical Devices

Author: Lonny Wolgemuth
Company: Specialty Coating Systems
Date Published: 5/3/2007   Conference: Medical Electronics Symposium

Seika Machinery, Inc.

Abstract: Coatings are utilized in the medical device industry to modify surfaces for many reasons, not the least of which is to provide or enhance the bio-acceptability of the device being coated. Surfaces are also modified to enhance electrical and frictional properties, to provide chemical and moisture barrier properties, to improve the hygienic properties of the surface, and sometimes simply to improve the cosmetic perception of the product. Coatings may also be used to facilitate the application of other coatings (a primer role) and to control the extraction or release rates of compounds from within substrate materials.

Parylenes are solvent, catalyst and plasticizer-free organic coatings that have an impressive array of attributes, including excellent chemical inertness and resistance, superior chemical, fluid, gas, moisture and electrical barrier properties, coefficients of friction in the PTFE range, and temperature performance to 450°C. Parylenes are biostable and biocompatible, having passed an array of ISO 10993 and USP biological evaluations.

Key words: Parylene, biocompatible, pinhole-free

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