Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Sudeep Nambiar, Daryl Santos, Vatsal Shah, Rita Mohanty, and Joe Belmonte
Company: SUNY Binghamton, and Speedline Technologies
Date Published: 1/31/2007   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: It is an often-cited statement that defects tracked to stencil printing account for 50% or more of the overall defects found in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. For many years, we have been working on process development and characterization of the stencil printing process for small stencil apertures. The natural progression in PCB towards minimization is taking us past 0201 and into 01005 assembly, where ever greater attention needs to be directed towards optimizing the stencil printing process. This work will present a history of stencil printing research we have been conducting over the past several years that takes us from stencil design and fabrication techniques, to more recent work on area ratio guidelines, solder paste selection, pad orientation and stencil aperture shape directed at 0201 and 01005 assembly processes. The paper will also detail process development of 01005 assembly that not only revolves around the stencil printing process but describes developments in the reflow process step, employing design of experiments (DOE). Key words: Stencil printing, area ratio, 0201, 01005, DOE

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