IWLPC (Wafer-Level Packaging) Conference Proceedings


Authors: Martin Hedges, Mike Kardos, Bruce King, and Mike R
Company: Neotech Services MTP and Optomec Inc.
Date Published: 11/1/2006   Conference: IWLPC (Wafer-Level Packaging)

Abstract: A new additive aerosol-jet printing technology called Maskless Mesoscale Materials Deposition (M3D®) is finding wide application in a number of electronic manufacturing applications. The M3D technology, originally developed under DARPA contract, has been commercialized by Optomec. This paper will discuss how the M3D process is being used to deposit a wide variety of materials onto a wide variety of substrates without conventional masks or thinfilm equipment. The process is non-contact, allowing traces to be printed over steps or curved surfaces. Printed features can be as small as 10 microns.

The M3D printer utilizes low viscosity inks in the range of 1-1000 cP. Typical materials that can be printed include nanoparticle metal suspensions, polymers and adhesives. Conductor traces can be printed using gold or silver nanoparticle inks. Conductors can also be formed by printing a seed layer, followed by electroless copper plating. Polymer thick film pastes can be printed to form embedded resistors. Polyimide and various epoxies can be printed for adhesives, overcoat dielectrics, etc.

Substrates include silicon, polyimide, glass, FR-4 and aluminum oxide. In principle, virtually any substrate can be used provided the ink is compatible with it.

This new technology has been applied to areas such as embedded passives, flexible substrates, mask and circuit repair and conformal electronics. It is expected that it will find further applications in 3D packaging.

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