SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Michael Szuch, Alan Lewis, and Hector Pulido
Company: Asymtek, A Nordson Company
Date Published: 9/24/2006   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Conformal coatings have long been used to protect printed circuit boards in harsh environments in the automotive and military industries. Conformal coating has been traditionally applied with a number of techniques, including nonatomized film coating, non-atomized swirl patterns, atomized spray, and needle dispensing. Each of these techniques has their own strengths and weaknesses associated with edge definition, film thickness, and material compatibility.

As board density increases and new surface mount components are finding their way into harsh environments, traditional technologies limit the speed and/or precision required to apply materials. There are even new requirements for precision application of conformal coating materials to electronics packaging that are beyond the capabilities of traditional technologies and techniques. The application of jetting technology expands the capability of conformal coating equipment with standard materials. Used alone or in conjunction with conventional technology, jetting can provide higher levels of precision, repeatability and than current methods. This paper explains jet coating technology and gives case studies where jetting can improve quality and productivity.

Key Words: Conformal coating, jet coating, film coat, trimode, flow coating, bead, swirl, monofilament

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