Medical Electronics Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Norbert Stubán MSc. Ph.D. scholar; Prof. Gábor Har
Company: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, D
Date Published: 9/12/2006   Conference: Medical Electronics Symposium

Abstract: This paper presents the procedure of designing and implementing a non-invasive, reflective pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeters are measuring the oxygen saturation of blood painlessly, continuously, without destroying the living tissues. They are based on spectroscopic principles, the light sources are usually LEDs, and the photodetector is usually a silicon photodiode. After developing a basic pulse oximeter device, our further research will fork into two threads. The proposed two new devices are unique from many aspects compared to marketed devices. In case of the first thread the connection between the sensor head and the data acquisition unit is wireless and the sensor head is miniaturized, battery powered and body attachable. The data acquisition unit can process the data of more sensor heads placed on the body at the same time. It could help to solve the problem of movement artefacts, which is the greatest problem of today’s oximeters. The aim of the other thread is to develop a robust, reflective, inexpensive pulse oximeter. The procedure of the measurement will be simple, it can be used by unskilled people too. The device has on board memory to store and carry the measured values to a doctor by means of a portable flash memory card. This will be a homecare device, which can win the price war in the market. The development of the basic pulse oximeter device is presented in this paper until the almost ready state. For basic research purposes six different reflective measuring heads were developed to study the influences of parameters to the measurement, such as distance between light sources and photodetector, and number of photodetectors. Basic studies for miniaturization and wireless connection are done yet. The concept of the homecare device (e.g. the physical structure, measuring head design, etc.) is wrought now. Key words: oximetry, pulsoximeter, wireless, body attachable

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