Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: P. Bhargava, J. Sturek, R. Murcko & K. Srihari, J.
Date Published: 1/17/2006   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Shortened product life cycles and increased 'time to market' plus 'time to volume' pressures are critical factors in devising an effective manufacturing strategy. Moreover, in today’s dynamic environment, a well-defined quality information system that provides accurate statistical data in real-time is essential in driving process improvements. An effective yield management strategy that provides accurate and real-time feedback to the designers is required to enable a reasonable level of process yields. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrate the information flow across an organization and provide a set of tools for effective planning. However, an ERP system lacks the capability of dynamic planning, scheduling and process monitoring due to its hierarchical planning model. In ERP systems, planning is carried out from a static, centralized view, with neither real-time integration nor negotiation with the actual shop-floor conditions. This necessitates the development of satellite systems that would use the shop-floor data present in the ERP systems to bridge the gap between the ERP modules and the business processes. This research effort is directed at the development of a realtime yield tracking framework, called Closed Lot Yield Tracker, which works in tandem with an ERP system. The proposed framework will perform Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis on a real-time basis using the ERP system data. The framework also performs Pareto analysis that includes analysis, (i) based on the overall percentage scrap and (ii) based on the overall cost of scrap. In addition, this research also proposes metrics, such as, Scrap Not Rung, Closed Lot Yields (CLY) and Actual Cost of Yields (ACOY), which help in efficient yield management.

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