Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Michael Todd
Company: Dexter Electronic Materials
Date Published: 1/25/2000   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Seika Machinery, Inc.

Abstract: The successful production implementation of a new high volume electronic assembly is dependent upon a long list of factors. Product design efforts often focus on component functionality, parametric modeling, materials selection, reliability testing and process development. However, one factor often overlooked in the product design process is the anticipated variability in high volume manufacturing of critical parameters such as equipment tolerances, material variations and operator error. A thorough investigation of the effects of these manufacturing variabilities on the performance of the electronic assembly is essential to ensure high manufacturing yields.

In this paper, we report the results of a series of experiments aimed at identifying the effects of material variabilities on the performance of a high performance flip-chip assembly. An eight-leg Taguchi design (L8) of experiments model was used to generate a series of formulation variations beyond the anticipated inconsistency range of a production qualified underfill formulation. Critical formulation variables were identified based on their effect on both the physical properties of the material and the reliability performance of the flip-chip assembly. The responses were analyzed in terms of the effect on the mean and variation (signal to noise ratio). Several formulation variables had some impact on the formulation’s performance including:  Catalyst concentration  Filler concentration  Moisture concentration

The results of these experiments were used to develop a materials specification which ensures consistent underfill performance. The results were also used for the development of improved control processes for the manufacture of the underfill material.

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