SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Amey Teredesai and Tony Batalha
Company: Nu Visions Manufacturing, LLC
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The move towards lead-free electronics assemblies continue to be fueled by the combination of proposed legislative restrictions on lead usage and disposal in Europe and Asia, and increasing commercial and marketing activities of Japanese and European OEMs. As we are a year away from the deadline of July 2006, the impact of the transition from Sn/Pb eutectic solder to Pb-free alloys is being felt by the entire electronics manufacturing supply chain, from component suppliers, paste makers, equipment companies to EMS providers.

Lead-based and lead-free manufacturing will take place during and after the July 2006 and it is very important to have proper lead-free material handling and manufacturing practices. A key factor in successful implementation of leadfree manufacturing, in an EMS environment, is to avoid material cross contamination. Some of the routine functions such as incoming inspection, labeling, and documentation will play an important role more so than ever. This paper will focus on challenges associated with concurrent manufacturing of Pb-based and Pb-free assemblies in the electronics manufacturing facility.

The paper will address concerns and possible solutions to avoid cross contamination at various stages of material flow, right from incoming inspection through the manufacturing process to shipping assembled Pb-free product. This paper will also explain Pb-free product labeling, documentation and standards which help to follow industry-wide practices.

A lead-free solder joint looks different than eutectic Sn/Pb joint and solder joint inspection criteria will need to be modified. Separate surface mount lines or dedicated equipment may not be feasible for all EMS providers. The paper will explain how lead-free manufacturing processes are different compared to traditional eutectic Sn/Pb processes and recommendations for successful implementation on Pb-free manufacturing in an EMS environment.

Keywords: Lead-free, EMS, Cross-Contamination

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