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Author: Nick Misra
Company: Adchem Corporation
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: This is no surprise that the manufacturing base in the U.S.A. is eroding. The underpinnings (holding the high-paying jobs) slowly are being removed in this "Global Economy" where free market forces dominate. This process has evolved over the last decade. What has changed recently? The so-called global economy is in fact a "copy cat economy" says Hararii, a well known business consultant. The theme is everything is being commoditized. For surviving this challenge we should forget the age old anecdote "we did it this way and that worked". What worked in the past in those "good old days" is never coming back!

An integrated manufacturing strategy is to design an all inclusive quality improvement process whereby all of the manufacturing processes are measured, controlled and could lead to continuous improvements of quality throughout the manufacturing operations.

Over the last twenty years, quality of all manufactured items in the U.S.A. has definitely improved. Once operations have achieved this plateau, the new norm of business is based primarily on price. We are keenly aware that the only edge left to us is to gain real productivity from our operations. One option is to outsource some of the seemingly ‘low tech’ products. The other option is to rapidly develop new innovative products made with high quality. This option is pursued almost incessantly by all world-class operations.

This discussion will primarily focus on the supply chain activity as this process holds a key to the Quality Improvement Process while reducing Manufacturing Cycle Time. However, the entire manufacturing process needs to be touched upon such that the idea of an Integrated Manufacturing is highlighted and its relationship to the front-end is demonstrated.

Key words: Integrated Manufacturing, Quality Improvement Process, Manufacturing Cycle Time, Operations Plan, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ).

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