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Author: Michael Peterson
Company: Belton Technology
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Today within multiple Industry’s, HDD, Hard Disk Drive - Consumer electronics - etc. there is an ever forward growing focus to drive products smaller and smaller in design size and in parallel meet the ever demanding July 1st, 2006 Pb Free ROHS initiatives. The combination of Flip Chip on flex is one of the forefront mixed technology sets allowing an existing answer for the latitude requested by many OEM’s for reduction in product size, weight, freedom of design shape and envelope and smallest I/O possibilities.

However, to be successful in meeting the OEM’s metrics of small foot print design, reduced weight, etc. and process in high volume utilizing this combination of flip chip on flex it presents a system structure which must be clearly understood. Processing in high volume with flip on flex with a six sigma focus requires yet another layer of complexity. To do this and add a third layer by focusing on the demands of meeting the upcoming July 1st, 2006 ROHS initiative there are many and ever growing in-depth amount of variables which must be pointed out to be understood. Yes, some are common to other factors found within the PCB/PCBA industry but in most instances they are uncommon.

This paper will share and discuss Pb Free Flip Chip on flex assembly within a high volume environment existing today within Belton Technology. This paper will primarily focus on Belton Technology’s general aspects and considerations for Pb Flip Chip on flex, material selection vs. design consideration alignment and how to tie these together for high yield processing. This paper will also discuss how in-depth parallel reliability testing can help to develop a better understanding of these variables and thus be able to align these variables and filter through the complexity of metrics for maintaining and growing a quality high volume, > 2mm Pb Free Flip Chip on Flex units per week, production base found within Belton’s Thailand and China manufacturing sites.

Key Words: Flip Chip, Flex Circuit, Lead Free (Pb Free)

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