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Author: Jayesh Shah et al.
Company: Emerson & Cuming
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The integration of RFID tags for efficient supply-chain management has really picked up in the last year with Wal-Mart and Department of Defense mandates. The demand of RFID tags has been increasing at astronomical pace. This means the manufacturers must be able to increase the throughput of the inlets.

The drive to lower the cost of the tags, lower cost substrates such as PET and paper are being used to construct the tags. The low temperature snap cure adhesive is needed to enable manufacturers to increase the throughput and lower the cost of the assembled tags. This paper will discuss lower temperature cure conductive adhesives suitable for interconnect between antennas and RFID die or the die straps. This newly developed thermoset adhesive technology that cures as low as 80ºC in seconds and develops robust interconnect between the I/C and the antennas.

The paper will discuss the adhesive's cure kinetics, its rheological properties, process characteristics and stability at room temperature. The paper will also discuss the reliability of the inlets build using isotropic conductive adhesive on test vehicles such as Ag ink printed antennas on paper and PET and Ag ink printed die-straps. The assemblies were subjected to mandrel bend test, thermal shock (-40ºC to 80ºC) and 85°C/85%RH accelerated aging conditions to simulate the actual application environment.

The paper will discuss the results of contact resistance, RF performance and adhesion strength before and after exposure to accelerated aging. The paper will discuss the benefits of a proprietary radiation cure method used to cure this conductive adhesive technology, which translates in > 150 ft/min web speed.

Key words: RFID, isotropic conductive adhesive

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