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Author: Paul Berry et al.
Company: Dow Corning Corporation
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The growth in chip-enabled technology for labeling applications is driven by prospects of greater storage capacity, faster data transfer and improved security over traditional bar code devices, as well as the unique ability to read data at a distance. The advantages of smart labels and smart cards are fueling an increasing demand in many different industries, creating a global value of RFID business exceeding $1 billion in 2003, including labels, readers, services and software. Initially spurred by applications in Defense, Supply Chain Management, Inventory/Asset Control and Medical/Pharmaceutical industries, the overall market is expected to reach approximately 12 billion units by 2008.

A key to realizing that prediction will be the ongoing evolution of new materials and assembly technologies that can help reduce card and label costs, increase capacity and improve overall reliability. In particular, as the number of applications and volumes grow, reliability has become a fundamental issue. End users are demanding more robust smart cards and labels that deliver greater flexibility and durability, with a reduced failure rate.

Recent material advancements have produced a new family of highly conductive silver inks for smart card and label antennas that achieve significantly better and more stable electrical performance, using lower antenna profiles. Low temperature cure/dry cycles and thinner traces contribute to faster, more efficient processing, helping to achieve throughput rates needed to meet projected global demands. Both the performance and processing gains contribute to lower cost-of-ownership.

Key words: RFID, smart card, smart label, conductive ink, silver ink

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