SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Umut Tosun and Sylvain Chamousset
Company: Zestron® America
Date Published: 9/25/2005   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: To cope with latest VOC regulations the authors validated a viable process window for a new cleaning product technology. The face of precision cleaning in the electronics industry has changed significantly over the last 20 years. With the ban of Fluorinated Chloro-carbons, the 1989 Montreal protocol opened the way for the use of alternative to non-ozone depleting and more environmentally sound solutions.

Initially, direct solvent-based replacements were successfully introduced in the 1990s; although efficient cleaning solutions, they too were soon considered harmful to the environment. With the latter, some of the problems included the high volatile organic content as well as the costly cleaning equipment needed to efficiently use them.

In an effort to minimize the VOC content, water-based products were soon introduced, ranging from saponifier/surfactant based products, to MPC® based technologies. They vary in operating temperatures, application concentrations used for cleaning, effectiveness, as well as achieved bath life time. Depending on the contamination to be removed, the application concentration for currently available products range from 5 and 30 %.

MPC® based product technologies on the other hand provide lower operating temperatures, lower concentrations and the longest bath life time. For saponifier-based products weekly bath changes are typically the norm.

During the last 5 years, some states went further and passed legislation to limit the amount of VOC to 50g/L soon to be followed by the further regulations(i.e. 25g/L in California; Figure 1).

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