Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Charlie Barnhart
Company: Technology Forecasters, Inc.
Date Published: 2/25/2005   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: As the name implies, Original Design Manufacturers (or ODMs) are companies who provide not only manufacturing services but also product designs or design services and may (or may not) sell their own branded products. While this definition does not fit every ODM, as some do not provide manufacturing service but only designed products, it does describe the vast majority of the companies involved in this activity and is a reasonable starting point from which to launch our analysis and discussion.

Additionally, while it's generally held that the ODM industry is an Asian based activity there are in fact ODMs located in all the major industrial geographies; including North America, Europe, the near East and other Asian locations.

With that said, it's undeniably true that the vast majority of this activity (certainly over 80%) takes place in Asia and primarily from within very few key geography; including Taiwan, Hong Kong and to a lesser degree Korea. Further, while the use of ODMs has dramatically increased over the past five years, and the trend is expected to continue, less than a majority of OEMs have either incorporated or yet gained significant experience in this approach.

Therefore, in this writing we will use a "comparative methodology" leveraging the high level of experience most OEMs have with EMS (or Contract Manufacturing) in identifying and reviewing the distinct business practices of ODMs.

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