Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Rupert Kreuzkamp
Company: Solectron GmbH
Date Published: 1/25/2000   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: The implementation of BGA technology to our processes was followed immediately by the introduction of a BGA component rework process. The objective was to minimize void formation. Since voids are generated as a result of the outgassing of entrapped flux during reflow, the current study focused on the identification and definition of the relevant control parameters of re-assembly and reflow during rework of BGA components.

Studies on industrial processes are both time consuming and costly. Therefore, design of experiments and response surface methodology were used in this study to minimize the number of experimental runs necessary to achieve the desired results.

Utilizing a Box-Behnken design of experiments, a set of relevant control parameters for the BGA component reassembly and reflow process was screened. In the case when solder paste was used for the re-assembly, process parameters such as soak time, reflow time and temperature were used as significant contributors to void generation. On the other hand, if flux was used, these factors turned out to have negligible influence on void count.

Results of the screening design were used to setup a design of experiments where solder paste was used for the reflow step of component reassembly. The influence of preheat time, reflow time, and peak temperature on the generation of voids during BGA rework was studied. Reflow time was found to be the most significant factor affecting voiding in the solder joint when solder paste was used to rework the BGA component.

Keywords: Voids, BGA, Rework, Design of Experiment, Response Surface Methodology

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