Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Jason B. Gjesvold
Company: Soldering Technology Intnl.
Date Published: 2/25/2005   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Increased reliability requirements, coupled with progressively reduced assembly size and weight constraints, have necessitated the evolution of technology for assembling printed circuit boards. Imbedded Component / Die Technology (IC/DTTM) promises to advance electronics packaging to the next level in the 21st century by transforming 2-Dimensional component assembly and placement into 3-Dimensions.

Rather than placing components on the surface of a circuit board, Imbedded Component / Die Technology places components onto or near a rigid, thermally conductive core utilizing multi-level cavities. By eliminating all external component level packaging, the total number of electrical and mechanical failure opportunities is reduced and system reliability is greatly increased. The use of bare die and thin/thick film components reduces the overall mass, weight, and circuit card assembly (CCA) size.

Imbedded Component / Die Technology improves form factor by increasing component-to-substrate ratios, enabling smaller CCA's or clearing board surface area for redundant systems to increase system reliability in mission critical applications. Flexible interconnects in the form of wire bonds from component-to-component or component-to-substrate, encapsulated in a vibration-dampening material, allow for reliable use in demanding mechanical shock and vibration environments.

A reassessment of the technology and review of the test plan, along with test results, will illustrate the robustness of the design concept as proven by the past year of testing. Future applications will also be explored that take advantage of the increased reliability, operational ruggedness, and miniaturization of IC/DTTM. Finally, a look at formerly mixed technology military hardware that was redesigned and is currently assembled using IC/DTTM will be unveiled.

Key words: Wire Bonds, Solder-less Electronics, Organic Substrate, High Reliability, Hi-Rel, 3-Dimensional Electronics, Cavities, Thermal Core, Imbedded Components.

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