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Authors: Heather McCormick, George Riccitelli, Jullie Tran
Company: Celestica International Inc.
Date Published: 9/26/2004   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: As electronic packages decrease in size and pitches decline, daughter cards have become popular methods for creating "islands of density" on larger boards as a means of simplifying the motherboard and reducing their cost. Connector suppliers have responded to this trend by creating BGA type board-to-board connectors.

Further, to eliminate the need to wave solder connectors and simplify the process, BGA connectors and press fit connectors have been used. However, there is a need to study the manufacturability of these new connectors and generate full second-level reliability data.

This paper will show how test vehicles have been designed to allow these connectors to be evaluated for both manufacturability and reliability, and will outline how IPC-9701 has been used as a guideline in developing test plans. The "Metropolis" test vehicle will be presented, which incorporates BGA mezzanine connectors, a BGA mounted socket, and press fit connectors.

Design features included in the "Metropolis" cards to facilitate the planned testing will be discussed. The assembly results for the test vehicle, including yield data, will be reviewed, and future deliverables for the project, such as reliability testing and lead free assembly, will be discussed.

Key Words: BGA, Connectors, Reliability

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