SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Rahul A. Newasekar and S. Manian Ramkumar et al.
Company: Rochester Institute of Tech
Date Published: 9/26/2004   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The trend towards smaller, faster and cheaper electronic devices has led to an increase in the use of 0201 and even smaller sized passive components. The size advantages of 0201 components make it a popular choice among design engineers but not among manufacturing engineers. From a manufacturing perspective, the size of the 0201 package poses significant challenges to the printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process. The many challenges with 0201 assembly process can be attributed to the solder paste volume, pad design, aperture design, board finish, solder paste type, pick and place accuracy and reflow profile.

This study discusses in detail the effect of solder paste, board finish, and pad-aperture shape on 0201 assembly process defects, specifically lead-free paste and lead-free surface finishes. To investigate these parameters, a Design of Experiment study was carried out at the Center for Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Key words: 0201 Assembly, Lead-free solder paste, Leadfree surface finish, Anti-tombstoning paste.

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