SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: P. Lall, N. Islam, K. Rahim, J. Suhling
Company: Auburn University
Date Published: 9/26/2004   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The current state-of-art in managing system reliability is geared towards the development of predictive models for un-aged pristine materials. Present state of art allows the prediction of time-to-failure for a pristine material under known loading conditions based on relationships such as the Paris’s Power Law [Paris, et. al 1960 1961], Coffin-Manson Relationship [Coffin 1954; Tavernelli, et. al. 1959; Smith, et. al. 1964; Manson, et. al. 1964] and the S-N Diagram. There is need for methods and processes which will allow interrogation of complex systems and sub-systems to determine the remaining useful life prior to repair or replacement. This capability of determination of material or system state is called "prognosis".

In this paper, a methodology for prognostication-ofelectronics has been demonstrated with data of leading indicators of failure for accurate assessment of product damage significantly prior to appearance of any macroindicators of damage. Proxies for leading indicators of failure have been identified. Examples of proxies include - micro-structural evolution characterized by average phase size and correlated to time and equivalent creep strain rate, and stresses at interface of silicon structures. Structures examined include - electronics package, MEMS Package and interconnections. The test vehicle includes packages that have been mounted on a metal backed printed circuit board typical of electronics deployed in harsh environments.

In application environment, the metal-backing provides thermal dissipation, mechanical stability and interconnections reliability. Since, an aged material knows its state the research presented in this paper focuses on enhancing the understanding of material damage to facilitate proper interrogation of material state.

Key words: prognosis, electronics, phase growth.

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