Medical Electronics Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Raghu Nippani / Daniel S. Potsko
Company: Universal / Endicott Tech.
Date Published: 5/19/2004   Conference: Medical Electronics Symposium

Abstract: Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers require their printed circuit board (PCB) assembly equipment suppliers to provide component traceability. Component Traceability in the context of circuit board assembly is defined as the ability to track every component placement on a circuit to a specific lot of components and a vendor ID. Traceability helps electronics manufacturers reduce recall exposure, improve product quality and improve line efficiency.

Printed circuit board designs with multiple circuits on a single board present a challenge to the equipment manufacturers from traceability perspective. This paper describes an Enhanced traceability solution developed by a surface mount placement equipment vendor to meet the traceability requirements specified by a EMS provider. The traceability system developed by the equipment vendor is generic and has been installed at other customers as well.

The Enhanced traceability Solution from the equipment vendor is combination of software and hardware enhancements to its existing system. It is based on the machine options of barcode validation of component reels and printed circuit boards. These options deliver, over the Generic Equipment Model (GEM) Interfaces, information regarding when each board and component reel is in / on the machine to the host server. The Monitoring Software running on the Line Host collects this information over the GEM Interface.

The Data is stored on the Line Host in an MS-SQL Database in the form of database tables referred to as transfer tables. The Traceability data should be saved for the long-term data management in a higherlevel system. Higher-level systems could retrieve information from the transfer tables generated by the DMM software. The Data saved in the MS-SQL Database on the Line Host and can be deleted after the transfer to the higher-level system or at a pre-determined schedule.

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