SMTA International Conference Proceedings


Authors: Tiao Zhou, Ph.D. et al.
Company: STMicroelectronics Inc.
Date Published: 9/21/2003   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: In this paper, five new low cost thermally enhanced BGA package options are examined. All these options utilize cavity up configuration for reduced cost. In still air applications, 95% of the heat is dissipated through the printed circuit board (PCB). Thermal enhancement is effective only when improvement is made for junction to board thermal path. All five BGA options presented enhance heat conduction to PCB, either by improving substrate or directly solder the die to the PCB.

The objective is to achieve the best thermal performance with minimum added cost and without using forced air and heat sink. The five new thermally enhanced BGA packages considered in this paper are: 1. C2BGA 2. Metal core BGA 3. Slug LGA 4. Exposed die LGA 5. Spreader LGA

Package design and heat dissipation principles of these new thermally enhanced BGAs are presented. Manufacturing and cost considerations are discussed. Experiment and simulation are performed to compare these five packages against each other and conventional TFBGA on thermal performance and reliability. Material and process are discussed to address the manufacturability and cost of each option.

It is found that C2BGA offers excellent thermal performance with minimum cost.

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