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Author: Richard Tormet
Company: Cisco Systems
Date Published: 9/21/2003   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: The integration of DFX (design for excellence, manufacturability, testability, etc.) into the corporate culture is essential to the successful development of new products. Inputs from widely varied corporate entities are required to design products that are producible, have high manufacturing/test yields and subsequent low assembly and rework labor. When products are well designed they are scalable for high volume production.

This paper will illustrate how successful product design requires that DFX be a fundamental requirement in the development process. This process should involve Manufacturing and Test Engineering, Manufacturing and/or Contract Manufacturer, Quality, Materials and other functions. The materials group must review bills of material for component risk. The Quality group should analyze the product to insure reliability. A process should be put in place to assure high quality DFX reviews. Program management must be tasked with assuring that the proper groups are involved and that the appropriate processes are followed.

Examples will be given showing the overall development methodology as well as the level of detail expected in areas such as DFM reports, PCBA layout reviews, Bill of Material (BOM) analysis, Quality analysis and program metrics. Another key ingredient to successful DFX implementation is very early engagement with Design Engineering. Engineering work frequently takes place before the program has been officially committed.

At this phase decisions are being made that lock in the product’s features and components. By truly integrating the DFX effort into the corporate culture and every product’s development, the maximum benefit will be achieved, resulting in products ready for cost optimized mass production.

Key words: DFX, DFM.

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