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Author: Vern Solberg
Company: Tessera, Inc.
Date Published: 9/21/2003   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: Combining several size die with varying functions within a single fine-pitch, low profile BGA package outline can now be achieved using a flexible polyimide substrate base and by adapting a unique combination of folding and package stacking. This vertically configured µZ(TM) package technology developed by Tessera is proving to be an ideal multi-die solution for any number of functional combinations. The enabling technology for this "fold-over" and stacking approach allows different sub-structures to be electrically connected while still maintaining a small footprint.

In addition to the folded and stacked combinations, individual die can be configured for vertical stacking. In the case of memory for example, the single die can be packaged, tested, and marketed as unique sub-structures, allowing each die type to be sourced separately from multiple silicon vendors. This "layered" approach to packaging is designed to improve yield, resolve test concerns and overcome the business issues hindering the wide-scale adoption of multi-die solutions. The basic package assembly process is already field proven and utilizes a worldwide µBGA® package supply infrastructure.

The paper examines several alternative 3D multiple-die package solutions that solve many of the multiple die source problems while delivering the expected performance and cost benefits.

Key words: BGA, Micro BGA®, µBGA®, µZ(TM), stacked package, ball stack, folded, fold-over, 3D packaging.

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