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Authors: S. Jimmy Hwang, Ph.D.
Company: 3M Industrial Adhesives & Tape
Date Published: 9/21/2003   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: There is an increased need for higher temperature performance pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) in the automotive and other electronic industries. This paper is intended to provide the design engineers with information related to the use of a recently developed pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) system for high temperature applications.

Particularly useful for the assembly of rigid and flexible printed circuits/wiring (PPC/FPW) and membrane switches. The major technical innovation for this new class of PSA transfer tapes is its superior heat resistant characteristics over other commercially available products. Key properties of the new PSA system include (1) low outgas, (2) high adhesion at high temperatures, (3) excellent dielectric strength and (4) solvent and UV resistance.

This paper will compare the typical properties of generic PSAs to those of this new PSA system including: 90° peel adhesion, service temperature range, short and long term thermal exposure to solder reflow conditions, creep resistance at room temperature and elevated temperature (93°C - 177°C). The new PSA system is designed for any industrial bonding application requiring high processing temperatures or heat resistance properties at high operating temperatures.

Typical application examples are for use in automotive, industrial, medical and surgical equipment, instrumentation, and telecommunications electronics where the flex circuit and bonded components may be exposed to solder reflow conditions (including lead-free solder profiles) and higher operating temperatures. This new PSA system has particularly demonstrated utility in the attachment of flexible printed circuits to rigidizers and stiffeners made from: G10/FR4-drilled, routed and scored; aluminum; polyimide; polyester; and stainless steel.

Key words: thermally stable PSA, electronics assembly.

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