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Author: David Doyle
Company: Orbotech, Inc.
Date Published: 9/21/2003   Conference: SMTA International

Abstract: We have taken the human out of the visual inspection process but AOI does not improve your process on it’s own. Automation is key but data analysis is now more important to making intelligent decisions. What will shape the next summit for AOI and how does that affect the way that we think about implementation of these systems?

This paper evaluates the requirement and desired attributes of the next generation of AOI technology. In it, we review the challenges overcome during the early AOI adoption in the dramatic growth period of the electronics industry during the late 90's. We assess change and analyze the drivers in the industry and the gaps to be addressed as new industry paradigms.

AOI detects and predicts changes in the quality output of surface mount electronics assembly process. The technology is constantly adapting to new requirements in the industry and a maturing of the product offering is underway, stimulated by the expectations of experienced AOI users.

When we think of technology development we often consider only the hardware breakthroughs. In the field of AOI development, innovation and value added features now lie mainly in the software domain. Maturing hardware configurations provide a platform for evolved solutions to address the full scope of high mix and high volume applications.

This seminar will appeal to the forward looking, quality & cost conscious engineers or managers who are interested in improving first pass yield in the most cost effective manner.

Key words: AOI, solder joints, SPC, NPI, high-mix.

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