Academic Student Compendium Conference Proceedings

Wafer Applied Reworkable Underfill for Direct Chip Attach

Authors: Renzhe Zhao and R. Wayne Johnson
Company: Auburn University
Date Published: 8/6/2003   Conference: Academic Student Compendium


  • Flip-Chip-On-Laminate Assembly
  • Capillary Flow Underfill Process
  • Wafer Level Applied Underfill Process
  • Experimentation

  • Coating
  • Assembly
  • Modeling

  • Solder Bump Geometry
  • Normal Reaction Force and Restoring Force
  • Fillet Geometry and Fillet Force
  • Multiple Ball Array Model
  • Prediction of Die-standoff and Coating Thickness
  • Conclusion

  • The wafer level applied underfill process has obvious advantages over conventional capillary flow process.
  • The key issues in the wafer level applied underfill process were discussed and experimental results were presented.
  • Models were developed to simulate the assembly process and to predict the die-standoff and coating thickness.
  • The modelvs serve as a guide in the development of underfills with the desired properties.

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