Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Vern Solberg and Craig Mitchell
Company: Tessera Technologies, Inc.
Date Published: 2/18/2003   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: Portable and wireless electronics represent the most aggressive growth area for high-density package technology. In both circuit board fabrication and IC packaging, the technology for compressing even the most sophisticated electronic functions into a smaller and lighter finished product continues to evolve. Portable or hand-held electronics are a natural target for miniature 3D IC packaging solutions.

Digital cameras and camcorders, for example, must consider the consumer with ease of use, lighter weight and enhanced performance. Similar considerations must be addressed for cellular phones, pagers, personal communicators, palm top computers, industrial and automotive electronics, personal GPS, medical and diagnostic products. All are viable candidates for more efficient device miniaturization.

The package technology detailed in this paper adapts one and two metal layer, flexible polyimide film substrate materials while enabling the packaging of several die within a single die BGA outline. The package assembly process, employs an innovative stacking methodology that allows the post-package assembly addition of various sub-structures to a base package while retaining a package footprint that is only slightly greater than die. The individual die or die sets added to the stack can be packaged separately and electrically tested before joining, ensuring higher yield and allowing the option of sourcing from multiple silicon vendors.

Key words: BGA, Micro BGA®, µBGA®, µZTM, stacked package, ball stack, folded, fold-over, 3D packaging.

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