Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Authors: Kazushi Higashi and Shinji Ishitani
Company: Matsushita Electric Industrial
Date Published: 2/18/2003   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: This article discusses Metal joint flip-chip mounting technology using plasma surface activated energy. Flip Chip Mount Technology is useful for minimizing electronics components and IC packaging. There are several types of Flip Chip Mounting method. Each method has problems such as high cost performance, high bonding temperature, bonding reliability is own to substrate, process Flexibility, Remains of Bonding stress.

As for this problem we are developing new Flip Chip Mount Technology using plasma surface activated energy. At first we try to bond between Au and Au, because this material is the easiest to bond. This process achieves fasten metal joint, Low temperature (room temperature is possible) bonding, Low bonding stress, Narrow pitch bonding.

The reason why we could get these results are because if the bonding surface is very pure they are easy to bond only by contacting each surface. And the result of bonding condition is very firm. The result of analyzing bonding surface after crossection we can’t see the boundary line. This means each metal is bonded completely.

This process is very simple. 1st activate surface of substrate and IC electrode in Ar Plasma vacuumed chamber. 2nd bonding with low temperature and low pressure after alignment each pattern. 3rd underfill with non conductive resin. We can choose non underfill structure if we want. We shows in this article the clarification of the joint mechanism and the possibility of applications. We think Utilize this process is possible near future.

Key words: flip chip, plasma, metal joint.

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