NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo Conference Proceedings


Author: K Raghu Raghunathan
Company: Synovia Inc
Date Published: 12/3/2002   Conference: NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo

Abstract: The world of communication is changing and changing rapidly. The plain old telephone has given way to ISDN type capabilities and feature rich wired services. Those advances are slowly moving to the ever-popular wireless medium. For now wireless is the King in the Voice communications while the demand for data and video are on the increase. While the WAN is ideally suited for backhaul and aggregation may not be the best way to deliver in the last mile. Successive generations of cellular phones have addressed to improve profitability and coverage for the operators and slow to react to the customers other needs. LAN has been an integral part in delivering data within your office environment.

The freedom and mobility the wireless LAN’s have increased the usefulness of WiFi networks. The last mile/ last yard access without using up WAN bandwidth is definitely an attractive solution. WiFi is starting out with data and can easily support isotropic transmission of voice and video. This will allow true voice communication within in your cell without having to use up the MSC/Tower and move up the hierarchy only for wide area connections. Bluetooth serves as a main driver for PAN and potentially delivers within a building or a vehicle.

In future the hot spots and hot zones based on 802.11 standards will become an indispensable part of the communications landscape. Starting from the client side the 802.11 solutions for last mile/ yard delivery will probably move up the hierarchy. The IAPP protocol under review will support handoffs between Access Points (AP) in a cell like structures. With intelligent load balancing, 802.11 devices could handle dynamic routing communications within a metro area and Bluetooth perform a similar function within a building.

There has been announcements made to support Bluetooth radio in a vehicle and your cell phone will in concert with built in speakers give you hands free speaker phone capability with out wires. Security, privacy and data integrity are issues that are being addressed now. Every device whether it is a phone, PDA, pager, washing machine, microwave, car speakers will have a combination of 802.11/ Bluetooth feature to communicate amongst themselves or to outside world through WiFi and WAN. The globe is shrinking with the advent of communication age and now we get to enjoy even when we are mobile.

Key words: WAN, LAN, IAPP, adhoc, hot zone, LOS.

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