NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo Conference Proceedings


Authors: Harjinder Ladhar and Sundar Sethuraman
Company: Solectron Corporation
Date Published: 12/3/2002   Conference: NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo

Abstract: The percentage use of passive components on typical products is very high when compared to other types of components. The industry trends for the shrinking real estate, and increasing density is forcing challenges to reduce the component sizes and increasing the number of I/O’s. The passive components are rapidly decreasing in sizes from 0805 to 0603 to 0402 to 0201 to so on (see area and aspect ratios in Table 1).

The product characteristics include smaller, lighter, faster, flexible, available, reliable, and cheaper, which dictates the industry trends. Most of these attractions in the products mean challenges in the handling e.g. 0201 construction and 2nd level assembly. The size of 0201 has become so small that it makes it a little difficult for the traditional inspection technologies to assess the quality of 0201 solder joints. The smaller size of the component not only poses challenges to assess its solder joint quality but the robust solder joint formation becomes challenging as well.

Human intuitions primarily impact the inferences, therefore the challenges faced with 0402 are major factors but with larger exponents to compute the 0201 assembly complexity. The paradoxical 0402 characteristics have associated numerous fear factors with 0201 to pronounce them notorious ones. Typically it is said that missed opportunity is a misfortune, whereas the optimum use of the opportunity is a fortune.

Opportunities looked from a pessimistic angle become the fear factors whereas looking with optimistic angles provides multiple ways to achieve robust solutions. There are numerous opportunities in the 0201 process, which can be optimized to achieve a robust process. Some of the opportunities associated with 0201 are PCB pad design, stencil design, assembly process parameters, and handling. This paper shows results and highlights the importance of the structured methods, which can provide magic solutions to the fear factors associated with 0201 assembly.

Key words: 0201, DOE, SMT process.

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