Pan Pacific Symposium Conference Proceedings


Author: Reggie Malli
Company: Glenayre Electronics Manufac.
Date Published: 2/2/1999   Conference: Pan Pacific Symposium

Abstract: To keep pace with the new and emerging technologies, it has become necessary to develop a cross-functional and versatile group of engineering professionals. Particularly in the field of electronics manufacturing for medium size companies, it’s not just desirable but necessary to have manufacturing engineers (M.E.s) capable of supporting any realm of the production floor.

This article discusses a very structured approach along with the methods that can be applied to achieve this flexibility. The point to be emphasized here is that IT IS POSSIBLE to develop a plan to cross train MEs with minimal impact on production support during the job rotation. This process enriches the group with new approaches, very effective backup support and efficient sharing of expertise in the group. This article mainly focuses on the process engineers (P.E.s)

Most world class companies have recognized the need to develop and enrich their most valuable asset, their employees. Managers need to realize that they play a critical role in employee development [1,2]. The reader will be guided through the past, present and near future roles of the P.E.s in a typical electronics manufacturing company transforming from a small to a medium sized company. The issues faced by the companies were significant enough to warrant a shift in the industry’s paradigms regarding the perceived roles of P.E.s and their effectiveness in dealing with the technological explosion of advancements in the last decade.

Key words: M.E., P.E., Cross functional, Job rotation.

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