NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo Conference Proceedings


Author: Michael Dewey et al.
Company: Teradyne, Assembly Test Div.
Date Published: 12/3/2002   Conference: NEPCON West - Fiberoptic Expo

Abstract: The proliferation of optical interconnects and networking, even in a soft economy, cannot be ignored. The adoption of Gigabit Ethernet, FTTD (Fiber to the Desk), and other optical-based connection architectures and strategies is growing and will become the dominant interconnect technology in virtually all communication architectures and systems over the next 5 years. A key technology enabler for this transition to optical centric communication architectures is multi-channel optical devices that incorporate VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) arrays.

These modules offer the opportunity to provide high bandwidth and low cost optical interfaces for a variety of short haul and module/system interconnection applications. However, broad adoption of these devices is hampered by existing price and cost structures associated with the manufacturing and test of these devices. The ability to lower the test cost, especially early in the product life cycle, for these modules is a key factor in lowering overall component manufacturing costs and subsequently, enabling broad adoption of optical-based interconnection schemes.

The need to provide a cost effective production test strategy that supports the testing of a multi-channel optical device at multi-Gb/s rates and is easily expanded for future production volumes presents the test engineer with some unique challenges.

This paper will examine some of the testing issues and cost tradeoffs associated with the testing of multi-channel optical devices. Based on a core set of test requirements for multi-channel optical devices, the cost/benefits of several test system configurations and methodologies will be reviewed. A proposed test system architecture that can be adapted for a specific set of product test cost parameters and production demand will also be presented.

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