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Authors: Fonzell Martin, Yushi Matsuda, and Trent Thompson
Company: Motorola Semiconductor
Date Published: 9/22/2002   Conference: SMTA International

Seika Machinery, Inc.

Abstract: This report will summarize moisture, mechanical, electrical, and thermal data obtained on tape based substrate solutions used for two different applications - cell phone and highend printers. For cell phone applications, there is a need for finer ball pitch driving substrate density.

There was a concern that these components would not meet minimum 2nd level solder joint and 1st level component temperature cycling requirements. This report will emphasize work done comparing etch and punched manufacturing methods for 2 and 3 layer build-ups (on one metal layer) respectively and how it affects solder joint performance of the components.

For high-end printer applications there is a need to meet electrical and thermal requirements due to high power and operating frequency devices. This report will compare performance of 1 and 2 metal layer tape substrate solutions for thermal BGA (TBGA) packages. The major driver is cost and if the 1 layer tape solutions can meet electrical and thermal requirements for possible cost reductions on the total BGA solution.

Thermal and electrical data will be presented comparing results on similar designs and scenarios. One issue with these larger thermal packages with heat sinks has been passing autoclave during component testing when using both 1 and 2-layer metal tape. Also included will be moisture, autoclave, temperature cycle, and solder joint data.

Finally, the report will discuss possibilities on leveraging the two drastically different applications of tape-based packages to drive improved reliability, cost, and performance. There is emphasis on determining future supplier base issues and possible limitations and drawbacks to the tape based solutions that prevent high volume application.

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